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Planimpex GmbH is an internationally active company, which has specialized in trading with and distribution of Carbon Black.



Lamp black, rubber black, pigment black, conductive smut, smoke black, technical carbon are several of the names, which can be summarized under Carbon Black.


Application areas

Carbon Black possesses features, which can be influenced through the production method type and through the variation of process parameters additionally.






Planimpex GmbH


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Founded by the Lubenov brothers in 2003, Planimpex GmbH is an internationally active company specialised in the trade and distribution of carbon black.


The Lubenov brothers have been involved in the European market for industrial raw materials since 2000, having built up solid market expertise and efficient distribution channels based on their long-standing experience.


The portfolio includes lamp blacks, thermal blacks, pigment blacks, gas blacks and conductive blacks. This allows Planimpex GmbH to fulfil the requirements of its demanding clientele in diverse sectors by offering a complete spectrum of bespoke, customer-specific solutions.




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We strongly believe that our success is build on strong partnerships. We tailored solutions we use all available resources and capacities to achieve shared success. Our business partners can always count on our respect, honesty  and trust. We continuously work on the dependability of our product, process stability, and sustainability.


Plamen Lubenov | Geschäftsführer / Manager

Anton Lubenov | Geschäftsführer / Manager



The product range comprises the following types of carbon black, which can be divided into two categories.



Assortment and delivery


1. The first covers the spectrum of classic rubber blacks, the so-called N-types.


N220, N326, N330, N550, N772 & N990


2. The second includes the portfolio of special blacks. These so-called P-types are needed for applications with special technical requirements.


P803, P805 S, P817 & P800


Details and data sheets are available on request.




Delivery and packaging forms


  • Paper or polyethylene bags in 15–25 kg
  • Big bags 450–900 kg





Carbon blacks have special properties that can also be influenced by the method of manufacture and by varying the process parameters. This means they can be used in a broad range of application in diverse areas:


Tyres, rubber, friction linings and technical rubber articles – over 85% of carbon black is used as a filler in the rubber industry, primarily for car tyres. Reinforcing rubber is therefore the most important use of carbon black.


Dye, paint and compounds – carbon black is used as a black pigment for printing inks, Indian inks, paints as well as for the manufacture and colouration of deep black plastics – especially as UV protection.


Building materials – another application involves carbon black in the concrete industry, or more specifically for colouring concrete products, concrete roof tiles and coloured asphalt.


Metallurgy, batteries, refractory, insulation and sheets are further applications for carbon black.


Special applications of carbon black – as conductive black or lamp black – here it is used in the electrical industry and as a raw material for engineering ceramics, carbon brushes or as electrode material. Other applications can be found in adhesives and sealants, fibres, paper and fleece.


Our extensive product portfolio comprising various types of carbon black offers you the right solution for any requirement.


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The REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulation is an EU chemicals regulation for the reform of European chemicals legislation, which came into effect on 1 June 2007. REACH entails a fundamental standardisation and simplification of previous chemicals legislation.


The aim is to increase knowledge regarding the hazards and risks associated with chemicals, whereby companies have to assume greater responsibility for handling their products safely. The REACH system is based on the principle of individual responsibility in industry. Chemicals are to be manufactured and used in such way so as to prevent negative effects on humans and the environment.


Planimpex GmbH is a REACH registrar for one of our supplier factories.  This ensures that our products correspond to the requirements of the EU Chemicals Regulation that came into effect on 1 June 2007 for the reform of European chemicals legislation. All our suppliers also have a REACH registration.



REACH | Zertifikat



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